Electronic cigarettes could rekindle battles over smoking in public

Miami’s Vapor Shop, Gives Away Bruno Mars Concert Tickets

The study found that 13 percent of participants who used high-dose e-cigarettes quit smoking. Seventy percent of those who quit smoking eventually gave up e-cigarettes, too. As evidenced in this study, when people switch to electronic cigarettes, it absolutely makes it easier to quit nicotine use completely, said Michael Siegel, a professor at Boston University School of Public Health who studies e-cigarettes. Its not as simple as saying people are substituting one addiction for another. In fact, Siegel said the quit-rate for e-cigarettes is comparable to rates in other nicotine-replacement therapy studies. But others maintain that its not yet known how harmful vaping could be.
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Inhaling this vapor is what simulates smoking, and Vuse promises to provide more consistent puffs, including a strong first drag that tobacco smokers would want from a replacement product. Vuse also promises to be slightly less wasteful instead of going with wholly disposable e-cigarettes, Vuse comes with a USB charger and/or an AC adapter, and is made for persistent use. The cartridges needed for smoking Vuse are disposable after use, of course, but that constitutes a lot less e-waste. Vuse will be sold as Vuse Solo and Vuse System. Solo comes with Vuse, one cartridge of your choosing, a rechargeable power unit, and a USB charger. System comes with Vuse, three cartridges, a rechargeable power unit, a USB charger, an AC adapter, and a carrying case.
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Vuse is World’s 1st Digital Vapor Cigarette

If the customer does decide to switch, they can use the Taper to Vapor voucher for a 20% discount off any Eko Cigs kit. Visit TaporToVapor.com for more program details. “When deciding on what vapor shop to buy from, there are some critical things to consider” says Ariel Perez, owner of Eko Cigs and Ekocigs.com . “Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1.
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