Billion-dollar e-cigarette industry raises safety concerns

Vapor, no smoke

In 2013, it could triple, reaching nearly $2 billion. Staff Phoenix Business Journal Scottsdale electronic cigarette maker Njoy is in he middle of a controversy about the lack of oversight by the federal government of the products, which contain nicotine. KPHO CBS 5 reports the FDA has said more research is planned. Read More at
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Growing e-cigarette trend raises safety concerns

Propylene glycol, a synthetic liquid which is used in asthma inhalers and by several industries as an antifreeze agent, is added to e-cigs to dilute the nicotine. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says e-cigs have not been studied fully, and users cannot yet know whether they are safe and beneficial, or what amount of harmful chemicals they are inhaling. In August, the FDA Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee will meet to discuss “the risks and potential benefits of a proposed modified risk tobacco product.” Mitchell Kushner, city officer for the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services, one of only three city-operated health jurisdictions in the state, said the FDA is under pressure to make a ruling regarding the efficacy of e-cigs. “There’s not a lot of information, as far as health impacts, that are available to us,” Kushner said. “The research is not there yet.” In 2010, federal Judge Richard J.
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Colorado Faces E Cigarette Push While Health Officials Worry Reports

The brand will release its first ever and best electronic cigarette this year. According to e cig reviews, Reynolds will soon start advertising for its product on TV as well as online. Brent Green, marketing executive says, By around August we should start seeing significant TV advertising on e cigarettes and there will be live sampling of these electric cigarette at nightclubs and festivals where people gather.” Personal vaporizers or e cigarettes broke into the American market six years ago and since then people are using them. But these smokeless cigarettes are still not classified by FDA even though earlier in 2009 it has warned people about potential health risks associated with e cigarettes.
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California E-Cigarette Bill Would Restrict Use of Medical Marijuana Vaporizers

Users are known to vaporize in elevators and crowded rooms without any detectable odor or adverse notice. Bystanders are routinely exposed to worse emissions from kitchens, grills, garden plants, buses, chimneys, detergents, room deodorizers, gas stations, etc. In a letter to the Assembly, California NORML warns that SB 648 would adversely impact public health by discouraging safer alternatives to smoking. Medical cannabis users already find it difficult to find a legal place to medicate under current anti-smoking laws, says California NORML Director Dale Gieringer, Precluding the use of vaporizers will only make matters worse. The state should encourage, not discourage, the substitution of vaporizers and e-cigarettes for smoking. The Assembly Governmental Operations Committee is scheduled to consider SB 648 on Aug. 7th. Comments should be addressed here .
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