E-Cigarette On Twitter: Could A Tweeting Electronic Cigarette Help You Quit Smoking?

v2 cig dimensions

Electronic Cigarettes — Let’s Think Before We Inhale

Follow Us E-cigarettes are battery powered devices that provide smokers with an inhalable, nicotine-laced vapor by using a small coil to heat flavored liquid nicotine and water. As there is no tobacco, smokers, who exhale an odorless, smokeless vapor, can generally smoke the devices inside. However, as the rules for e-cigarettes have yet to be hammered out, it’s best to err on the side of caution for now. Some people have been using e-cigarettes as smoking cessation devices, replacing tobacco cigarettes with the electronic alternative. E-cigarettes are said to provide a nicotine hit minus the tobacco and other harmful chemicals of traditional cigarettes. The e-cigarette linked to Twitter is another step towards using the electronic device to stop smoking, as data from the tweets can identify triggers for nicotine cravings and rally support from followers.
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Today one in six Americans already have the disease of addiction — that’s more than the number with heart disease, diabetes or cancer. Another 80 million engage in substance use in ways that threaten health and safety. Addiction and risky substance use is the largest preventable and most costly health problem in the U.S. today.
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Electronic Cigarettes Inc comes out with Superb Technologies says Saudi-un-ny.net

Customizable facility is also available with this brand for the comfort of users. As reviewed by industry experts, the vapor king storm technology used into its electronic cigarettes provide an unmatched sensation unlike any other brands. The best quality products incorporated into it stands up to the expectations of users. It has been able to create a loyal fan base making it popular among all other brands. The vapor king e cigarette undoubtedly has become one of the most popular items in the market that employs the eTank technology into it. A member of Electronic Cigarettes Inc says We have always tried to satisfy the requirements of customers and will do so in future as well as we believe our customers to be our valuable assets.
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Health officials worry about electronic cigarette push in Colorado

Rino Vapes carries a variety of e-cigarettes and over 25 different e-liquid flavors. Manuel Martinez/Colorado Media Pro Related Videos E-cigarettes still a question mark for health experts Jul 22 E-cigarettes, which are slated to http://wallinside.com/post-4859709-dont-get-cheated-into-items-with-full-prices-just-because-you-are-happening-to-be-strollling-around.html hit Colorado markets… The arrival of electronic cigarettes has raised a red flag for health officials and others who worry the activity of “vaping” nicotine will hook young people into a new addiction that could last a lifetime. In Colorado, the concern is heightened by the arrival of tobacco giant RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. Beginning this month, the maker of Camel cigarettes and other tobacco products began selling its new e-cigarette – called Vuse – in Colorado as one of four test markets.
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